We are a company that manages the "Micro Investment Fund" (MIF) which invests in micro and small thriving businesses with a vision for fast growth thus becoming their active financial partner.
"With the support from MIF, we have completed our capacity for fast and timely online shopping service. As a result of MIF investment there was a 370% increase in revenue in the second year of operation."
Dragan Josifovski,
"The partnership with MIF has resulted in expansion of the network of educational and certification services in the field of IT, in the Adriatic region and beyond, thus achieving a growth of 90% in the first year of the investment."
Marko Serafimovski,
Managing Director
"With the MIF investment, Geonet has perfected the software solution for a more efficient fleet management, which has enabled a multiple increase in the number of service users and maintaining of the leadership position in this segment."
Tode Bucevski,
Owner and Managing Director
"We used the MIF investment to purchase equipment and start the production of premium quality products, that allowed us to export in the European and American markets."
Aleksandar Penev,
Owner and Managing Director
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The Micro Investment Fund (MIF) can become your partner by investing in your company and can provide additional professional management support. The investment framework of MIF is up to 85,000 euros per investment in companies that meet suitable criteria.