Small Investment Fund (SIF)

SIF is the first Macedonian private equity fund established in July 2007 in accordance with the Macedonian Law for Investment Funds. In the first 5 years of its lifecycle, the fund invested in emerging micro, small and medium companies (companies in the early stages of their development, micro companies that grew into small companies and other small companies, including so called “start-up” companies) in different sectors. Potential companies considered for investment had moderate to high growth potential, capable managers with integrity, ambition and success in their work, and were open to learning from SIF. SIF took minority ownership positions in the companies / investees. The fund invested by providing equity contribution in the targeted companies, whilst using also other types of financial instruments. SIF’s investments were generally ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 150,000. SIF is no longer active, as it has exited from all its portfolio companies.

Orce Nikolov No. 188-2/4
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel.: (+389 2) 3217 026; 3217 027
Fax: (+389 2) 3217 025