SPMG provides highly professional consulting services in the domain of business management and financial management. 

SPMG’s team of professionals assists local firms in the areas of management, business strategy, marketing (including primary market research), corporate governance, and management accounting. SPMG also conducts in-depth analysis of companies, diagnostic studies and industrial analysis, and offers advice on restructuring and reorganization. The part of financial management includes mediation in negotiations of local companies with potential strategic and financial investors from the country and abroad.

SPMG and SPMG Capital are companies registered in R. Macedonia.

SPMG Capital is a private equity fund management company, and manages two private equity funds (Small Investment Fund – SIF and Micro Investment Fund – MIF).
The funds have made various investments: in micro, small and medium enterprises, but also in “start-up” companies and companies that are in early stage of their development, in a wide range of industries/sectors. The funds managed by SPMG Capital are active partners in the investees, assisting them in making key decisions, as well as in creating the portfolio companies’ development strategy.

Orce Nikolov No. 188-2/4
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel.: (+389 2) 3217 026; 3217 027
Fax: (+389 2) 3217 025
e-mail: info@spmg.com.mk