Micro Investment Fund (MIF)

MIF (Micro Investment Fund) is a private equity fund formed in 2012, and financed by USAID. The main goal of the fund is to accelerate the creation of new sustainable jobs through investment and support of fast-growing companies with potential for further growth. The Fund assists the enhancement of the business performance of its portfolio companies by improving the financial structure and advising the management of the companies.
Companies that could be considered potential investment candidates for MIF are those with:

  • Real potential for growth and development;
  • Potential / attractiveness of the industry in which the company operates;
  • Competitive advantage and profitability of the product;
  • Well-organized and skilled management team/owners, with high integrity, open to equity partnership, acceptance of new ideas and aspiring for progress;
  • Successful history, as well as the potential for creating sustainable development and new jobs.

The investments amount to 85,000 euros, without “hard collateral” and in companies that, in addition to the above criteria, also comply with the following:

  • Have sales revenues of at least 100,000 euros per year;
  • The majority ownership belongs to Macedonian citizens;
  • Operate in industries that have no detrimental impact on the environment and society, ideally in sustainable sectors.

MIF investment is with a so-called Mezzanine structure (a combination of credit and equity). The Mezzanine investment model targets existing micro and small companies that have potential for rapid growth, but at the same time do not have enough collateral to obtain a bank loan. The fund is an active partner in the companies where it invests, assisting in key decision making, as well as in devising the development strategy.

If you are interested in a MIF investment, please download and send the filled in Questionnaire to info@spmg.com.mk

Orce Nikolov No. 188-2/4
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

Tel.: (+389 2) 3217 026; 3217 027
Fax: (+389 2) 3217 025
e-mail: info@spmg.com.mk