Small Investment Fund (SIF)


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In November 2007, SIF made its first investment in Oktober, a company for production and distribution of various types of sanitary products under the “King” brand, as well as household hygiene and cleaning products sold under the “Gente di mare” brand. In May 2015, Oktober has made a buy-out of SIF’s stake in the company.


In November 2008, SIF made its second investment in INet, a Macedonian company for IT equipment and software distribution, with a product portfolio of renowned companies: Lenovo, Red Hat, Autodesk, Trend Micro and others. In August 2017, INet has bought SIF’s stake in the company.

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Urban Invest 

In February 2009, SIF made its third investment in Urban Invest, the largest producer of concrete paving elements, mosaic tiles and stair tiles in Macedonia. The company was also active in the design and construction of modern residential buildings as well as in the production and sale of technical stone “Technistone”.

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