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1. Private Equity

a) Overview. SPMG private equity management operation was established in June 2007. Our team's major strength is extensive experience and successful track record in making private equity investments in Macedonia and in the Balkan region. The company is managed by seasoned professionals with excellent reputation stake and extensive network in the local and regional business community, experienced in making investments both in MSME's (micro, small & medium sized enterprises) and large companies. Our investment portfolio also includes investments in start-ups and early-stage businesses in established industries across a broad range of sectors.

b) Investment Approach. In general, the private equity funds managed by SPMG seek to generate attractive investment returns through equity participation in companies with above-average growth potential.

c) Adding Value & Management Assistance. Depending on the needs of the investees, SPMG provides assistance to the portfolio companies in the domain of its expertize (management). SPMG can also help the investees in arranging assistance by other companies and experts and organize training courses for the investee companies' management team. Furthermore, SPMG can help bringing particular industry experts to assist the investee, organize visits to domestic and foreign companies similar to the investee, in marketing research and other similar activities.

d) Our Funds.

(I). Small Investment Fund (SIF) is the first Macedonian private equity fund established in July 2007 in accordance with the Macedonian Law on Investment Funds. In the first five years of the fund's life (investment phase), the potential SIF's Investees were emerging MSMEs (early-stage companies, micro-finance graduates and other small companies, including local start-ups) across a broad range of sectors, with modest to high growth potential, competent managers with high integrity, ambition and successful track record, open to learning from SIF. SIF took equity participation as a minority partner. The Fund's investments consisted of equity contribution of growth capital in a combination with several quasi-equity instruments. SIF investments into MSMEs were generally ranging between $50,000 and $150,000. At the moment, the Fund is in its divestment (exit) phase from its portfolio companies.

(II) Micro Investment Fund (MIF). MIF is the second private equity fund managed by SPMG, established in June 2012 in accordance with the Macedonian Law on Investment Funds. MIF invests between $50,000 and $100,000 (combination of equity and loan) in market oriented micro and small enterprises, taking minimum 10% ownership in its investee. In addition to the provision of growth capital, MIF becomes an active partner in the company, supporting the investee's growth. Potential investment candidates are companies managed by entrepreneurs with high integrity and experience committed to rapid growth, accepting equity partnership and open to transparent and modern management. MIF is investing in privately-owned companies engaged in a broad diversity of sectors.

e) Our Investors.

(I). SEAF/Washington (www.seaf.com) SEAF is a global investment management company focused on providing growth capital to businesses in emerging markets and markets underserved by traditional sources of capital.

(II). United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (www.usaid.com) The U.S. Agency for International Development is an agency that provides economic development and humanitarian assistance around the world in support of the foreign policy goals of the United States of America.

f) Our Partners.

(I). SEAF/Washington (www.seaf.com) provides oversight and administrative support to the private equity funds managed by SPMG.

(II). CEED/Macedonia (www.ceed-macedonia.org). SPMG encourages all investee entrepreneurs and managers to establish contact with the Macedonian Centre for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development – CEED/Macedonia. CEED/Macedonia is part of the international network of CEED development centres established by the USAID and SEAF/Washington. The key activity of CEED/Macedonia development centres is to enable growth to entrepreneurs and their management teams through organized practical training, a networking programs and the entrepreneurs' international integration into the global business environment. The CEED network already has centres operating in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

g) SIF's Portfolio companies

(I). Oktober (www.oktober.com.mk). In November 2007 SIF made the investment in Oktober. The company is in the business with production and distribution of sanitary paper products under the brand King and household cleaning products under the brand Gente di Mare. In May 2015, Oktober purchased back its shares from SIF.

(II). INet (www.inet.com.mk). In November 2008 SIF completed the investment in Inet, an IT equipment distribution company with product portfolio from vendors like IBM, Lenovo, Red Hat, SAP, Trend Micro etc.

(III). Urban Invest (www.urbaninvest.com.mk). In February 2009 SIF invested in in Urban Invest, the biggest producer of concrete paver elements and mosaic tiles in Macedonia. The Company is also active in construction of modern buildings, and in confectioning and sales of engineered stone.

h) MIF's Portfolio Companies

(I).Aronija (www.biocosmos.com.mk). In June 2013, MIF made its first investment in Aronija, company engaged in production of healthy food including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free products. In September 2017 MIF realized its exit from Aronija by selling its ownership to a third party.

(II).Geonet (www.geonet.com.mk). In February 2014 MIF invested in Geonet, a company engaged in implementation of advanced GPS solutions allowing vehicles tracking, monitoring, improved security, and route planning.

(III).Extra Funghi (www.extrafunghi.com). In February 2014 MIF realized an investment in Extra Funghi, a company in the business of processing of wild forest mushrooms, wild forest fruits (blueberries, blackberries, rose-hip, etc.) and agricultural products (plums, strawberries, melon and apples) intended for export.

(IV).Eko Plast Tehnika. In June 2014 MIF realized the investment in Eko Plast Tehnika, a company engaged in plastic recycling of "PET" waste plastic bottles, used in the production of pet flakes. The pet flakes are the basic raw material for production of polyester fibers, used for packaging of food & beverages, cosmetics, detergents and pharmaceutical products.

(V).Certiadria (www.certiadria.com). In September 2014 MIF realized the investment in Certiadria, regional education and Certification company for the Adriatic region, in the domain of IT industry.

(VI).Dals. In March 2015 MIF realized an investment in Dals, a stationary trading company, also engaged in production of spiral notebooks and arch files with various designs.

(VII).Publikum Art (www.publikumart.com). In August 2016 MIF realized an investment in Publikum Art, a company engaged in production of urban and modern "non-book related to books" items/gifts: mugs, candles, t-shirts, bags, aprons, cookbooks, etc., printed with unique designs and quotes of different renowned books.

(VIII).Akron Staklo (www.staklo.mk). In April 2018 MIF invested in Akron Staklo, a company engaged in glass recycling and production of glass cullets.

2. Management Advisory

Management advisory services have been an important part of our business since our inception in 2004. We advise companies in the domain of general management, business strategy, marketing (including market research), corporate finance and management accounting. SPMG also carries out due diligence analysis, diagnostic studies and industry analysis, as well as restructuring and reorganization advisory services to companies.

3. Financial Advisory

Our financial advisory segment consists of M&A advisory services and agency services for private equity funds:

• Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory- Since 2004, SPMG acts as an intermediary in negotiations between local companies and potential strategic and financial investors.

• Agency services for private equity funds- SPMG provides agency and consulting services for several private equity funds active in the Balkan region.

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