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MIF made its fifth investment
  Send on September 11, 2014
MIF announces its fifth investment in Certiadria,

MIF made its fourth investment
  Send on August 18, 2014
MIF announces its fourth investment in Eko Plast Tehnika,

MIF made its third investment
  Send on February 22, 2014
MIF announces its third investment in Extra Funghi (www.extrafunghi.com), company that buys-out, process and exports wild forest mushrooms, wild forest fruits (blueberries, blackberries, rose-hip, etc.) and agricultural products (plums, strawberries, melon and apples) intended for export markets, on 21.02.2014.

MIF made its second investment
  Send on February 14, 2014
MIF announces its second investment in Geonet GPS (www.gps.mk), company that has extensive experience in all activities related to implementation of advanced GPS solutions that enables follow up, monitoring and vehicle safety, with planning of their movements on very simple and sophisticated way, on 18.02.2014.

MIF made its ninth investment
March 01, 2019
MIF made its ninth investment in Paket Market,
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MIF made its eight investment
May 02, 2018
MIF made its eight investment in Akron Staklo,
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MIF made its seventh investment
October 14, 2016
MIF announces its seventh investment in Publikum Art,
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